Support for personal money management

We’ll be there for you when your cost of living goes up.

Lately, the cost of living has gone up considerably, which impacts on daily life. Concern about personal money management and keeping costs in check are present in many people’s daily lives. We encourage you to contact us when you need support in managing your household expenses. 
On this page, we have listed various options to provide you with flexibility and protection for your banking and insurance services. Also read more about our services that help you balance your finances. 

Flexibility in banking and insurance services

More payment time for insurance bills
If you can’t pay your bill by the due date, you can apply for more payment time for it in the service or on OP-mobile.

Security for different situations in life

Security for the future
Have you thought about how to prepare for life’s surprises? By planning ahead, you can secure your loan repayment ability if you fall ill or become unemployed, and protect your loan against rising interest rates.
Flexible home loan
Did you know that your home loan will adapt to your life situation? If life brings you challenges, you can apply for a change in your loan repayment plan.


Insurance based on your life situation
It’s a good idea to check your insurance cover regularly to make sure that it is up to date, with no unexpected gaps or overlaps.
Daily banking services
As our owner-customer, you will get daily banking services without monthly charges until the end of 31 December 2024.


Manage unexpected everyday situations easily
Make sure that you have cash to cover day-to-day expenses. There are many ways to prepare for surprise expenses or changes in income. 

Services for managing finances

                                                Talouden tasapaino OP
My financial balance
How much do you spend on necessities, how much on fun? Any money left over for savings? Check your financial situation on OP-mobile!
Toistuvien menojen hallinta OP
Subscription management service
Do you know all your recurring expenses? You can see the amounts spent on streaming services, subscriptions and other continuous subscriptions through OP-mobile in a single view.
OP Sijoituskumppani
OP Investment Partner
Easy investment service that inspires you to reach your investment target. Start using the service on OP-mobile.
Säästölipas OP
Money Box
Set savings targets for yourself and save automatically when you pay with your card. Start using Money Box on OP-mobile or the service.
OP Multi-bank Service

You can view your payment accounts with another bank on OP-mobile and the service. Read more about OP Multi-bank Service.