Protect your personal finances

Your life and the world around you can always change. We provide an easy way of protecting your personal finances and ability to repay loans.

Borrowers can and should prepare for risks

Have you ever wondered how you’ll manage financially, if the unexpected happens? Even if your finances are solid right now, it may be worth considering how to make more headroom for the future. Many of the risks you face as a borrower lie in possible changes in your circumstances, or the world around you. Such changes can be hard to predict. However, you can create a financial safety margin, just in case.

Insure your loan and repayment ability

A rise in interest rates would mean higher costs for borrowers. You can prepare for this, ideally when interest rates are still low. An interest rate cap is a good option — by setting an interest rate cap on your loan, you can be sure that monthly repayments won’t rise above a certain level.

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Loan protection insurance will help you to make loan repayments if you become unemployed, unable to work, or disabled. It would also help your loved ones to repay the loan in the event of your untimely death.

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If your loan repayment plan no longer seems to match your circumstances, it can be adjusted. This may be necessary if, for example, you change job or take time out for studies or parental leave. You can also make loan repayments more flexible by applying for a repayment holiday.

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Financial security for you and your loved ones

Falling seriously ill is a strain on both your health and finances. The death of a family member or yourself can affect your family’s livelihood, which may not be pleasant to think about. Still, you shouldn’t need to worry about such things. When your insurance provides you with extra financial support in case of setbacks, you have one less thing to worry about. OP Critical Illness and Life Cover provides you with three kinds of cover in one package: critical illness, accidental permanent disability and life insurance.

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With life insurance, you can secure your loved ones’ financial wellbeing in the event of your death. The people named as your beneficiaries can use the compensation in any way they want – to pay off a loan and inheritance tax, or maintain your family’s standard of living. The insurance can be taken out as either single or joint cover.

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You can prepare for the future and create leeway for unexpected costs or bigger purchases, by laying money aside while paying off your loan. And why not increase your wealth at the same time?

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The home loan and the interest rate cap are granted by an OP cooperative bank. Loan protection insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd and/or OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. OP Critical Illness and Life Cover insurance is granted by Pohjola Insurance Ltd and OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Life insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. OP cooperative banks act as the insurance companies’ representatives. AXA handles all customer service related to insurance and claims settlement for loan protection insurance and OP Critical Illness and Life Cover insurance, on behalf of and by authorisation of Pohjola Insurance Ltd and OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. The funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd.