Nainen halaa miestä joka istuu pöydän ääressä.

Protect your personal finances

Your life and the world around you can always change. We provide an easy way of protecting your personal finances and ability to repay loans.

Life can bring surprises – luckily, you can prepare for them

Ever thought about how to protect your finances from the impact of change, even when it takes you by surprise? Changes in our lives and the world around us can be hard to predict, but you can build financial security and flexibility in case things go wrong.

Secure your loan and peace of mind, just in case

A home loan is most people’s biggest daily item of expenditure. When interest rates rise, so too do monthly home loan repayments. You can prepare for interest rate rises with an interest rate cap, for example: a cap on your loan’s reference interest rate will help you anticipate interest expenses for years ahead.

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If you want your home loan interest charges to remain unchanged, you can protect your loan with a fixed interest rate. You can choose a fixed interest rate period for both a new and old home loan. As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you can choose a long-term fixed interest rate throughout the loan term, up to 25 years.

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On the other hand, loan protection insurance will help if you become unemployed, lose your ability to work or are permanently disabled. It’ll also enable your loved ones to keep up their home loan repayments in the event of your sudden death.

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Financial security for you and your loved ones

Serious illness in someone close can be a strain on an entire family – and often has a financial impact. You can anticipate financial difficulties caused by sudden misfortune. OP Critical Illness and Life Cover provides three kinds of cover in one package: critical illness, accidental permanent disability and life insurance.

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On the other hand, life insurance will protect your loved ones if you pass away. The people named as your beneficiaries can use the compensation in any way they want – to pay off a loan and inheritance tax or maintain your family’s standard of living. The insurance can be taken out as either single or joint cover.

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​A home loan can adjust to life’s surprises

If your life changes, you can apply for a repayment holiday, or a change in your loan’s repayment instalments or their recurring due date. Loan modifications are subject to a service charge according to the list of charges and fees. Don’t hesitate to contact your bank if you have difficulties in repaying your loan. Together, we can work out the best possible solutions for your situation.

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Home loans and interest rate caps are granted by OP cooperative banks. Loan protection insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd and/or OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. OP Critical Illness and Life Cover insurance is granted by Pohjola Insurance Ltd and OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Life insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. OP cooperative banks act as the insurance companies’ representatives. AXA handles all loan protection insurance, and customer service related to insurance and claims settlement for OP Critical Illness and Life Cover, on behalf of and by authorisation of Pohjola Insurance Ltd and OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. The funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd.