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Green Card – What do I need to take my car or motorcycle out of Finland?

When travelling outside the Nordic countries, it is advisable to always carry a Green Card certifying the validity of your Motor Liability Insurance. The Green Card is valid in countries stated on the card.

You can print the Green Card in our online service at the OP website as follows:

Go to op.fi - Vakuutukset (Insurance) - Valitse ajoneuvon liikennevakuutus (Select the vehicle’s motor liability insurance) - Tulosta Green Card (Print a Green Card)

When travelling outside Finland with a vehicle, you must also have the technical section of the vehicle registration certificate with you. The certificate’s technical section is available from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom’s online service and at vehicle inspection stations. If your vehicle is owned by a finance company, be sure to request an authorisation to take the motor vehicle abroad.

Please note that when travelling abroad your motor insurance is subject to special clauses and a higher deductible. Any material damage to the vehicle occurring outside the Nordic countries carries a double deductible. If your motorcycle or passenger car is stolen in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova, the deductible is 20% of the amount of loss and no less than 600 euros (excluding campervans).


Lessor’s Insurance – I am letting out my buy-to-let home, how should I insure it?

You should always take out Pohjola Home Insurance for a buy-to-let home. It covers the surface materials, parts of the apartment and fixtures of a detached house, holiday home or apartment in a block of flats, terraced house or semi-detached house you have let out. You can also insure your home contents if you are renting your buy-to-let home furnished.

When leasing your apartment for a longer period, at least three months, you should expand the cover of your buy-to-let home with the following optional investment policies:

  • Lessor’s general liability insurance covers expenses if you cause loss or damage, for example during renovation, for which you are liable as the owner of the apartment or property.
  • Lessor’s legal expenses insurance lets you prepare against legal disputes related to a buy-to-let home or property, such as disputes between a buyer and seller.
  • Lessor’s consequential loss insurance compensates you if your apartment or property is partially or fully unfit to live due to damage and you lose out on rental income during the renovation.

Read more about lessor’s insurance

Decomissioning and recommissioning a motor vehicle and other registration changes - How do they affect my insurance policies?

Decommissioning and recommissioning of a vehicle, and change of owner and holder are examples of registration changes. You can make registration changes in your eInsurance Services.

  • Start by logging in using your own bank user identifiers
  • In the Insurance section, click “My policies”
  • Under your vehicle insurance policy, click “Make a notification”

You can also make registration changes in Traficom’s web service or at any vehicle inspection station offering registration services. The registration changes are subject to a fee stated in Traficom’s list of service charges and fees.

The registration changes will be updated automatically in your insurance policy data. We will refund the motor liability insurance premium for the period the vehicle is decommissioned. At the beginning of an insurance period we will, however, charge the minimum premium, 14 euros. Of the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance you will continue to pay for covers that protect your decommissioned vehicle, e.g. the Fire Cover and the Theft Cover.
Please make sure that your bank account number is up to date at all times to facilitate refunds. You can check your account when logged in at:

Vakuutukset - Asiointi - Tilit

Appointments – How do I book an appointment at a branch office or an online or phone meeting?

You can conveniently book an appointment at a branch office or an online or phone meeting online or via OP-mobilen. You can select a convenient time or the expert of your choice. You can also select the type of meeting you prefer.

Please remember to bring a valid ID document when visiting a branch office.

How do I contact you?

We will answer your calls at +358 (0)10 253 1333 Mon–Fri 8-19. You can log in to the eInsurance Services using any bank’s user identifiers and there you will be able to send us online messages or contact us on the chat.

In case of an accident you will find easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of situations at Pohjola Claim Help - see vahinkoapu.pohjola.fi/en and OP-mobile for further information.

Identity theft - What should I do?

Do you suspect you have fallen victim to identity theft? See the Claim Help for instructions on how to detect identity theft and information on how your insurance protects you if this has happened to you.

Pohjola Claimhelp - Identity theft

Selling a vehicle – What should I do about insurance?

The motor liability insurance and a possible comprehensive motor vehicle insurance will, based upon information from Traficom, be terminated automatically in the following situations:

  • when the vehicle gets a new owner
  • when the vehicle is finally deleted from the register by a scrapping certificate or following an accident

The change will be entered into the insurance data with a certain delay, after which you will receive an updated policy.

Sports Cover – How do I terminate the Sports Cover?

You can terminate the Sports Cover by sending us an online message. You can send us the message via our eInsurance Services.

  • Start by logging in using your own bank user identifiers
  • You will find the messages to the right by clicking “Customer Service”

Please provide the following information in your message:

  • Name and personal ID code of the insured person
  • Sports federation
  • The account number for the refunding of any excessive insurance premium
  • An email address for verification

Power of attorney – How can I authorise another person?

In order to be able to manage another person’s insurance policies, a person must have a power of attorney issued by the policyholder. You can issue a power of attorney in our eInsurance Services.

  • Start by logging in using your bank user identifiers
  • In the Insurance section, select Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney authorises the holder to handle insurance and claims for the principal, except naming a beneficiary, filling out a health report or authorising a third person. The holder of a power of attorney may handle matters by phone, online or at a branch office, and they can see the policies of the principal in their own eInsurance Services.

Alternatively, you can fill out an individual power of attorney in paper form and mail it to the address below.

The template for the power of attorney (in Finnish).

Pohjola Insurance Ltd 
Tunnus 5010454 

Requesting an offer - How do I request an offer for new insurance?

You can conveniently calculate prices and buy insurance online or via OP-mobile. You can also ask for an offer on several insurance policies using the offer request form.

You can make certain changes to existing policies by logging in to the eInsurance Services.

Loss report – How can I report a loss or damage?

The easiest way to file a loss report is online of via OP-mobile and this is how you will receive a claim settlement decision in the fastest way.

Read more about filing a claim

Read more about instructions for various loss events from Pohjola Claim Help

Money order – I received a cash transfer by mail. How can I deposit it on my account?

If you have online service user identifiers for OP eServices, you can redeem the money order and deposit the funds to your bank account online.

Start by logging in using your OP bank user identifiers

Click Daily banking – Show more. – Other services – Redeeming a cash transfer

To redeem a cash transfer, you need the identifier and amount of the cash transfer.

If you do not have OP bank user identifiers, you can redeem the money at any OP cooperative bank branch up to the last redemption date stated in the notice of arrival of the cash transfer. Please remember to bring with you the notification of the cash transfer and a valid ID document when visiting the bank branch. Redeeming a money order at a bank branch is subject to a service charge according to the list of charges and fees.

If the money order is not redeemed within the stated redemption time, the payment will revert to us, so be sure to provide your account number at:

Insurance – Services – Accounts


Estate insurance – What to do?

When a policyholder has passed away or insurance has been taken out in the name of the estate, distributees of the estate are entitled to information about the insurance policies concerned by means of an extract from the population register or estate inventory, indicating the distributee of the death estate.

However, in order to manage or change death estate insurance matters, you need not only an extract from the population register or an estate inventory but also a power of attorney, entitling all or selected distributees of the estate to manage the death estate’s insurance matters. If the deceased has made a will, a copy of it must be sent to the insurance company, and in such cases the beneficiary is also required to have authorisation. The needed documents can be submitted as an attachment to an online message or delivered to a bank branch. When delivering to a bank branch, you must also present proof of identity.

Print out the template for a death estate’s power of attorney (in Finnish)

The processing time for a death estate’s documents is about one week. After this, you can handle the death estate insurance affairs at a bank branch, over the phone or by online message.

If an estate administrator or executor has been appointed for the death estate, only they can make changes to the death estate’s insurance cover. In such a case, a court order must be provided.

More information on handling such insurance affairs

I need more time to pay my insurance bill – what should I do?

If you are unable to pay your insurance bill on the due date, you can easily ask for an extension by messaging our Customer Service in the op.fi service or on OP-mobile.

In the message, state your insurance contract code, the invoiced amount, the original due date, and your new proposed due date. We will reply as soon as possible to let you know if your proposed due date is possible.

A late payment interest will be accrued for the extension time after the original due date and charged on your next insurance bill.

See other answers to frequently asked questions about insurance invoices


I am not a bankin customer at OP – how do I manage my insurance online?

You can manage your insurance even if you are not a banking customer of OP cooperative bank. You can log into the eInsurance Services using any bank’s user identifiers. When logging in, just click “Other means of user authentication”. You can also use OP-mobile with another bank’s user identifiers. Download OP-mobile for free from your device’s app store.

I’m moving – What should I do about my home insurance?

You can safely move from your former dwelling to the new one, as a valid Pohjola Insurance home insurance will cover your personal property during the move. However, please remember to transfer your home insurance to your new dwelling. You can change the place of insurance in our eInsurance Services:

  • Start by logging in using your bank user identifiers
  • In the Insurance section, click “My policies”
  • Under Home insurance you will find “Change in place of insurance”

If you don’t have valid home insurance, you can conveniently calculate the price of one and buy insurance online.

The Easy insurance package for young people can be transferred to a new address only by phone, chat or online message. Provide your new address, the size of your home, and the names of any family members moving with you, as they also are covered by the home insurance. The Easy insurance is best suited for rented homes, so if you are buying a home, it’s a good idea to discuss your insurance coverage with us.

Have a look at our articles relating to buying a home, moving and living!

Payment default - How does a payment default affect your insurance and banking services?

If a payment is defaulted, an entry is made in the credit information register of Suomen Asiakastieto. This may affect your chances of getting certain banking and insurance services. The effect of the entry on the availability of services depends on the banking or insurance service and the number and type of your entries.

To learn about the effect of a payment default, please contact our customer service. General information about payment defaults can be found on the website of the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau, FINE (in Finnish).

A travel insurance card – Where can I get a travel insurance card?

We deliver a travel insurance card for continuous traveller's insurance to your home address by post. If your card is lost or broken, you can order a new one online on your traveller's insurance pages: Insurance ‒ Traveller's insurance ‒ Order travel insurance card. We will send you a new travel insurance card by post within two weeks.

An electronic travel insurance card is available to you in "My policies" on OP-mobile.

For fixed-term traveller's insurance, the insurance policy qualifies as proof of a valid traveller's insurance policy.

A certificate of travel insurance for a visa – How can I get a certificate of travel insurance for a visa?

For a visa, you do not need any insurer's stamp or signature for your certificate of travel insurance. This means that you can print it out right away on our eInsurance service on page Insurance ‒ Traveller's insurance ‒ Order a certificate of travel insurance for a visa. Alternatively, you can order it to be delivered by post to your home address free of charge.