Frequently asked questions

Account access rights – How do I add and remove access rights to my account?

You can add or remove access rights to your account at if your account is one of the following: current account, growth return account, step-up account, special purpose account, continuous high-yield account or fixed-term high-yield account. If your account has several account holders or if you are underage, you can’t change your account access rights.

To add or remove access rights in the service, select: Tilin tiedot (Account details) - Omistus ja käyttöoikeudet (Ownership and access rights).

Go to account details

What to do if you can’t add or remove access rights yourself

Message us on OP-mobile or at Select Tilit ja maksut (Accounts and payments) as the topic of the message.

To add access rights, include the following in your message:

  • number of the account to which the access right will be added
  • name and personal identity code of the person obtaining an access right
  • the scope of access rights: 1. rights to obtain information, 2. extensive access rights and rights to obtain information.

If the holder of access rights is not yet OP’s customer, the person must visit an OP branch to prove their identity and activate the access rights.

You can also remove another person’s access rights to your account by messaging us. Include in your message your account number and the name of the person whose access right you wish to remove. Example text: I want to remove the access right of (name) from my account number (account number).

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Account balance and interest certificates – How can I order one?

You may need a balance certificate for the distribution of an estate, pledging, or other cases where you must verify your wealth. Balance statements show:

  • The balance on the day in question
  • If the holder has died, the balance on the date of death
  • The balance on the date of distribution of the estate

An interest certificate for an account shows the deposit interest accrued, but not yet paid into the account, by a certain date. 

Please note that balance and interest certificates are subject to a charge. Use the service to check your account balance and interest, free of charge.

Ordering a balance and interest certificate is easy! Just send us an online message. Give the number of the account and the date which the certificate should cover.

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Account transaction limits – How do I change my account’s transaction limits? When paying a bill, I receive a notification about exceeding my account’s transaction limit.

When paying, say, a bill, you may receive notification of having exceeded your account’s withdrawal limits. This means that your account’s transaction limits are preventing payment of the bill. If this happens, change your account transaction limits, wait a moment and try to pay again. Please note that the change will require further confirmation, so keep your phone close by.

You can change your account’s transaction limits by logging into Tilin tiedot (Account details) - Muuta tilin käyttörajoituksia (Change account transaction limits). Please note that the service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Change your account’s transaction limits

You can also set spending and withdrawal limits for card use. These will make card payment safer. The spending and withdrawal limits for each day cover:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Preauthorised card purchases
  • Online and distance purchases

You can change your account’s spending and withdrawal limits in the Omat kortit (My cards) view, when logged into

Change your card’s spending and withdrawal limits 

Bank statements and receipts – How can I save or print out a bank statement/receipt?

Authorities often need receipts or bank statements for certain account transactions for the purposes of taxation, for example. You may also need to attach a bank statement to a Kela application.We have drawn up guidelines that you can use to easily save or print out bank statements or receipts on the service.

Go and read the guidelines

BIC – What is my account’s BIC?

OP cooperative banks’ BIC (or SWIFT) is OKOYFIHH, and it is the same for all OP accounts. If you need the BIC of a bank that is not an OP cooperative bank, you need to check it from the payee or the payee's bank.

Closing an account – How do I close an unnecessary account?

Closing an account via self-service on the service

If you have OP’s user ID, in most cases, you can use the service to close the following account types, on a self-service basis: Current Account, Money Box, Growth Return Account, Step-up Account, Special Purpose Account, Continuous High-yield Account and ASP Account.

Please note that the service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Close your account

It is not possible to close an account via self-service if, for example, the account is your last one with OP. In such a case, contact our customer service by sending us a message through the service or OP-mobile. 

Read more about closing an account

Closing an account with another bank’s user ID

Please contact our customer service through chat. You can contact our customer service through chat in Finnish or Swedish.

During the chat, you can use a user ID issued by another bank to verify your identity: in most cases, our customer service will be able to close your account during the chat, once you have verified your identity. 

If your account cannot be closed via chat, you can call our customer service.

Read more about closing an account

Closing an account without any bank’s user ID

If you would like to close an unnecessary account and you do not have a user ID with any bank, please contact our customer service by phone. Our customer service will advise you on how to close the account.

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Joint account — How do I open a joint account? How do I add another holder to my account?

A Joint Bank Account is a current account dedicated to paying your household expenses. Keeping up with family finances is easy with an account for the purpose.

Read more about the Joint Bank Account and opening it

Adding another account holder

Sending an online message is the handiest way of adding another holder to an existing account. Please provide the following information in your message:

  • the account number
  • name and personal identity code of the account holder to be added
  • confirmation that both parties can use the account separately

Use the text below as a model for your message. Feel free to copy the text and add the missing information:

Please include (name and personal ID code) as a joint holder of my account (account number). Both of us will use the account separately.

Send message

We will add the other holder to your account when they provide their signature on the account agreement. 

If the other holder is already a customer of the same OP cooperative bank as you, we will send them an account agreement to sign via OP’s Electronic Signature Service. Otherwise, they must visit a bank branch to sign the account agreement. They can use the service to book an appointment.

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Monthly charge of current account – How is the monthly charge debited?

The monthly charge for a current account and basic payment account will be debited from the account as of 1 November 2020 in connection with any other service charges debits.

Monthly charge of current account – To whom the monthly charge apply?

The current account is subject to a monthly charge that is based on the list of service charges and fees.

Learn more about the list of service charges and fees

Current accounts are free of charge for customers under 26 years of age, and for accounts held at the OP cooperative bank where the holder is an owner-customer. If an account has several holders, it will only be free of charge if all account holders are owner-customers of the OP cooperative bank where the account concerned is held.  

Please note that each OP cooperative bank can have owner-customers. You can check your owner-customer membership on OP-mobile at More - Owner benefits, and Owner-customer and benefits (Omistaja-asiakas ja edut) at or through our customer service. Please note that the service is available in Finnish and Swedish only.

Go to owner-customer and benefits section

A monthly charge is not debited from the current account that has been pledged or belongs to a death estate.

Our current accounts have been subject to charges since 1 November 2020. We announced the monthly charge for current accounts in a message or letter we sent in August 2020 concerning changes to our service charges and fees.

Naming accounts – I have many accounts, can I name them as I wish?

Naming accounts will help you to tell them apart. You can add an account name in account details after logging into the service: Tilin tiedot (Account details) - Tilin perustiedot (Basic account details) - Muokkaa nimeä (Edit name). Please note that the service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Go to account details 

You can choose which of your accounts are shown in Päivittäiset raha-asiat (Daily banking services) and in what order. Changing the order of your accounts will update Omat tilit (My Accounts), which shows all your accounts.

Change the order of your accounts

Opening an account – How do I open an account for my child or godchild?

The most convenient way of opening a current account for your child or godchild is by logging into

Read more about children’s current account and opening it

Preauthorisations – What are they and how can I monitor them?

Preauthorisations ensure that your account has enough money for paying your purchases. When you use your card, the seller places the purchase amount on hold until the actual payment. The preauthorisation ends when the payment is made. 

Although a preauthorisation is not a payment transaction, you cannot use money put on hold. 

For preauthorisation details, click on ‘Preauthorisation’ on OP-mobile or the service.

  • You can view debits in your account transactions.
  • Credit transaction details are shown in your credit card transactions.

Opening an account for a child – In what situations is it not possible to open an account online?

It is not possible to open an account online if

  • you do not have an OP user ID.
  • the other guardian/parent does not have online bank user identifiers at any Finnish bank
  • the child has more than two guardians
  • a district court has issued a decision on the child’s guardianship.

In these cases, you can open an account for the child by booking an appointment at your bank branch.

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Transfers between accounts – How long does it take to transfer money between accounts?

Siirto payments and transfers between OP accounts are instant. Most inter-bank SEPA payments arrive on the same banking day if the payment is made on a weekday before 14.00. International payment instructions normally take 2–6 weekdays; an urgent international payment instruction takes 1–2 days less.

Read more about our service hours for payments