Loans - Apply for a loan for all sorts of situations

Manage your personal finances smartly, apply for a loan from OP

Need a loan? We have the right option for you. You can apply for a loan to buy a home or holiday cabin, purchase a car or boat, make home improvements, or finance your studies.

Consumer credit

A loan of 2,000 to 15,000 euros without collateral or a guarantor. Fast credit decisions.

Secured loans start from 10,000 euros.

Home loan

Home, holiday home or buy-to-let home.

For any bank’s customers.

Student loan

Apply for a student loan online and save on service charges.

Student loan benefits for owner-customers.

Car loan

Fair and competitive interest rate.

You can buy the car from a dealer or private person.

Home improvement loan

Borrow to redecorate or refurbish your home, or for other purchases.

Apply for a loan, or seek financing directly from one of our partner retailers.

Holiday home loan

Apply for loan in the planning phase.

As an cooperative owner-customer, you'll earn OP bonuses from your loans.

Calculate a suitable loan for you

Use our loan calculator to work out the monthly repayments and total cost of a loan.

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Flexible repayments

Credit of 2,000 — 20,000 euros with OP-Visa. You can raise your credit limit on OP-mobile or at

What kind of loan can I apply for?

You can apply for a secured bank loan, student loan guaranteed by Kela, unsecured Special Consumer Credit and unsecured Flexible Consumer Credit from OP. Or, you can seek a car-purchase or home improvement loan from our partner retailers.

Our loan types differ in terms of their collateral, interest rate and maximum loan amount. Which loan we recommend will depend on its purpose and how much credit you need. Take your time to study the alternatives before applying.

Use our loan calculator to compare loans

Who can get a loan from OP?

Customers of any Finnish bank are eligible to apply for secured bank loans from us. You can apply for an unsecured loan if OP is your main bank.

Apply for a loan from OP if:

  • you have regular income from pay or a pension
  • you are able to meet the loan repayments
  • you have no payment default records

How much can I borrow?

The maximum loan depends on several factors. Read about them before you apply. The following factors affect the possible size of loan:

  • your desired loan amount in relation to your total income and expenses
  • any collateral you have
  • your current circumstances and whether you have managed your personal finances well

You can apply for a secured loan starting from 10,000 euros, with no upper limit. Depending on your needs, you can apply for an unsecured loan of 2,000 – 15,000 euros.

Secured loan – apply for a loan with no upper limit

  • Apply for a loan starting from 10,000 euros with no upper limit
  • You will need collateral for the loan. A home that you own, forest, securities or other assets can serve as collateral.
  • You can apply for a secured loan even if you are not an OP customer. You can also apply for a joint loan.

Unsecured loan – apply for a loan of 2,000 to 15,000 euros without collateral

  • Apply for Special Consumer Credit if you need a loan of 2,000 to 15,000 euros, drawn down in a lump sum
  • For a continuously available loan of 2,000 — 8,500 euros, apply for Flexible Consumer Credit
  • Only OP customers can apply for unsecured loans. You cannot apply for an unsecured loan jointly with another person.

Why does it pay to apply for a loan from OP?

OP is a bank owned by its customers, which offers unbeatable benefits to owner-customers. Money management and saving are easier if you make OP your main bank. You can keep track of your financial matters and borrow with flexible repayment arrangements.

Apply to OP for a loan and enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Clarity about the total cost of your loan at all times
  • Access to us via a range of channels, in addition to phoning
  • You can apply for a repayment holiday or grace period
  • Availability of OP services such as Money Box and My financial balance

Can I take out a loan if I am not an OP customer?

Car hire purchase, and loans for home improvement or large, direct purchases from stores are available for customers of any Finnish bank

You can apply for OP financing for a car, home improvement or a large purchase even if you are not an OP banking customer. Such financing is provided via one of our partner retailers. After buying from the retailer, you can repay OP for the financing in instalments that suit you.

How much financing can I have?

You can apply for between 2,000 and 50,000 euros of financing. To receive an immediate decision, complete an online financing application with our partner retailer in advance. Then you can head straight to the store.

Buy a car from a car dealership or private person with hire purchase

Car hire purchase is a safe way to buy a car without a down payment. You can apply for OP’s car hire purchase financing if you buy a car from a car dealership or private person. Both options include a fixed monthly repayment, and you don’t need separate collateral: the car is the collateral.

Read more and apply for car hire purchase

Apply for financing for home improvement or a large purchase directly from an OP partner company

Know where you intend to buy items such as home improvement supplies, solar panels or a roof renovation? Apply for financing directly from a partner company of OP! You can apply for financing of 2,000–50,000 euros: the amount varies between OP’s partner companies. Apply for financing online and make purchases directly from the store.

Read more and apply for financing

Are you an OP customer?

Becoming a customer of OP is easy: just fill in an application online.

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The financing is granted by OP Retail Customers plc, OP Corporate Bank plc or OP cooperative bank, depending on the financing product.