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OP Private – steady and responsible asset management

OP Private offers Finland’s most extensive and entirely domestic asset management service network. We’ll give you a personalised plan for your assets exceeding 100,000 euros.

Wealth management in the OP Private Banking service
Personalised wealth management for the best of you and your loved ones
OP Private for entrepreneurs and companies
Comprehensive asset management for the best of your company

Our OP Private services comprise

Reliable, responsible and award-winning asset management

OP Private offers Finland’s most extensive Private Banking services that are fully produced in Finland. Our experts will help you grow your assets, so you can secure the standard of living for you and your loved ones far into the future.

Personal investment manager available to you

OP Private services will be tailored to your needs. Let your personal investment manager take care of your wealth comprehensively or act as your expert investment advisor. Your personal investment manager will ensure that affairs related to you and your loved ones' finances and prosperity are in the best of care.

A wider product range for OP Private Banking clients

As a Private Banking client, an extended OP product range is available to you. You will have access to free-of-charge services such as market analyses and investment reviews, as well as comprehensive legal and tax services and the OP-Visa Platinum payment card. Moreover, we arrange client events for our Private Banking clients. Learn more about asset management services and other benefits for OP Private clients.

OP’s global network

We have integrated the use of our international partners into our investment activities. We will select the best products for your investment portfolio from among OP's own products and those of our carefully selected international partners, such as J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Fidelity International.

OP Private services for forest owners

OP’s Private Banking service is well suited to forest owners. The OP Private forest expert will inform you about the conditions in forest and timber markets. With him/her you can discuss when the time is right to sell timber and how to invest the resulting proceeds, for example, in bond and equity markets. As OP Private’s forest owner customer, you will also receive a free-of-charge forest and timber market review three times a year. 

Private Banking services on OP-mobile

All services for OP Private clients are available on OP-mobile. In the OP-mobile app, you can find your investment manager’s contact information, check the status of your portfolio easily and get useful information to support your investment decisions.

Discount on insurance premiums

Pohjola Insurance provides you with all policies required to protect your and your family’s health and wellbeing and your property. As an OP Private client, you get discounts on insurance premiums. Read more about insurance benefits.

Expert help in legal matters related to asset management

Our legal experts will help you, for example, in inheritance and tax planning, preparing a continuing power of attorney or a testament, and provide you with legal advice in business-related matters. Read more about our legal services.

Buy-to-let investment services for OP Private clients

We provide comprehensive buy-to-let investment services for OP Private clients. If you decide to invest in a buy-to-let home, you will get the whole package from us: purchase, sale, rental, financing and insurance. Read more about our benefits for buy-to-let investors.

Benefits for owner-customers in asset management services

As an owner-customer, you get extensive owner-customer benefits and OP bonuses. As our owner-customer, you are entitled to value-for-money benefits from, say, saving and investment services.

OP Private services for your company

As an OP Private client, your company will have access to cash management, payment transfer and financing services, a personal investment manager, market analyses and investment reviews, legal and tax services, OP Koti real estate services, services related to employee wellbeing, productivity and safety, and an OP Private page for your company on OP-mobile.